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1960 Triumph TR3A

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Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: TR3A
Year: 1960
Type: Roadster
Color: Signal Red
Mileage: 86,318
Engine: 2138ci Inline 4
Transmission: 4 Speed
Fuel Type: Gas
Trim: Roadster
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1960 Triumph TR3A for sale

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1960 Triumph TR3A Photo
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A
  • 1960 Triumph TR3A

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Microsoft. gradient(startColorstr='#e51938'. endColorstr='#980c21'); background-color:#e51938; border:1px solid #e51938; color:#ffffff; font-family:arial; font-size:14px; font-weight:bold; text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #980c21; text-transform: capitalize; display: inline-block; margin-bottom: . 1em; } #stlAuto_container . redBtn:hover { background:-webkit-gradient( linear. left top. left bottom. color-stop(0. 05. #980c21). color-stop(1. #e51938) ); background:-moz-linear-gradient( center top. #980c21 5%. #e51938 100% ); filter:progid:DXImageTransform. Microsoft. gradient(startColorstr='#980c21'. endColorstr='#e51938'); background-color:#980c21; color: #fff; text-decoration: none; } </style> <div > <h1><center>1960 Triumph TR3A Roadster</center></h1>            <center><img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13675. jpg" alt="1960 Triumph TR3A Roadster" width="800" /></center>                 <div > <div > <p><strong>Signal Red on Black! Recently restored with upgraded 2138cc motor and 4-speed synchromesh manual transmission from an early TR4!! Hardtop and side curtains! </strong></p><p>When the Triumph TR3 debuted in 1955. Triumph intended not only to update the previous TR2 but also bring the driving experience and styling into the second half of the 1950s! The car debuted with the TR2's 1991 Inline 4 cylinder motor that made 95 horsepower. plenty for a car that weighed just over 2. 00 pounds. In 1957. the “TR3A” was launched. further improving the car and incorporating wider front grille and front disc brakes. the first production car to feature them as standard equipment! TR3A production was around 58. 00. of which less than 10. 00 are documented to survive today!</p><p>We are very excited to offer this 1960 Triumph TR3A! It is finished in a fresh coat of Signal Red over black vinyl upholstery with white piping on the seats. The car is powered by a later 2138cc Inline 4 from a TR4 offering 105 factory rated horsepower. a healthy upgrade from the original 1. 91cc I4. Transferring the power is a 4-speed manual transmission! The car is further fitted with several nice touches including a matching hardtop with British Union Jack decal. side curtains. wind wings. bumper guards and chrome rock shield mounted on the lower rear fenders. The car comes equipped with painted wire wheels with Vredestein Sprint Classic 65 HR 15 tires. </p><p>This TR3 was completely gone through by its previous Indiana owner. The paint and chrome were completed as well as all vinyl or plastic pieces in the cabin. The car runs and drives exceptionally well thanks to a recently rebuilt motor and transmission. The car shifts through all gears without grinding and the shifter feels crisp. The car makes for a very drivable and presentable example of one of Britain's most popular roadsters and should make the next owner extraordinarily proud both at local shows and on short road trips! We would welcome any additional questions on this TR3A; please don't hesitate to call! Thanks for looking!</p> <hr> <h3 >IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR POTENTIAL BUYERS:</h3> <p>In an effort to protect the eBay user information and to help ensure the authenticity of correspondence between St. Louis Car Museum and its bidders. eBay's new listing format does NOT display any bidder information. Nevertheless. we <strong>STRONGLY</strong> encourage bidders to contact us directly to answer questions or to verify correspondence. All of our vehicles are advertised locally and nationally using a variety of formats and often sell before the end of eBay listings. To secure a vehicle. please <a href="mailto:info@stlouiscarmuseum. com">contact us</a>. </p> <p>Please call 1-800-957-5707 or 314-993-7104 with any questions or to discuss financing or transportation arrangements. </p> <a href="http://finance. yahoo. com/currency-converter/" target="_blank">Currency Converter</a> </div> <!-- --> <div > <h2>Specifications</h2> <div > <ul> <li><span >Price:</span> $38. 00</li> <li ><span >VIN:</span> TS62845L0</li> <li><span >Cylinders:</span> Inline 4</li> <li ><span >Title:</span> Clear</li> <li><span >Exterior Color:</span> Signal Red</li> </ul> </div> <div > <ul> <li><span >Carfax:</span> <a href=""><img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/wp-content/themes/stl-auto_museum/images/logo_carfax. jpg" /></a></li> <li ><span >Engine:</span> 2138ci</li> <li><span >Transmission:</span> 4-Speed Manual</li> <li ><span >Mileage:</span> 86. 18</li> <li><span >Interior Color:</span> Black</li> </ul> </div> <div ></div> </div> <!-- --> <div > <h2>Video</h2> <center> <object width="560" height="315"> <param name="movie" value="http://www. youtube. com/v/d1pzDZ4FekM?hl=en_US&version=3&rel=0" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <embed src="http://www. youtube. com/v/d1pzDZ4FekM?hl=en_US&version=3&rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed> </object> </center> </div> <!-- --> <div > <h2>Purchase this vehicle for only $434/96 months with $5. 35 down!</h2> <p>St. Louis Car Museum works closely with several lenders so we can accurately address the needs of our clients. Let our finance department develop a financing or lease program that helps you achieve your goals and dreams!</p> <p>Click the images below for instant online credit approval:</p> <a href="http://collectorcarlending. com" target="_blank" title="Collector Car Lending" > <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/wp-content/themes/stl-auto_museum/images/logo_collector_car_lending. jpg" alt="Collector Car Lending" /> </a> <a href="http://www. woodsidecredit. com" target="_blank" title="Woodside Credit" > <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/wp-content/themes/stl-auto_museum/images/logo_woodside_credit. jpg" alt="Woodside Credit Banner" /> </a> <a href="https://www. jjbest. com/auto-finance/collector-car-financing. aspx" target="_blank" title="JJ Best Banc & Co. 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jpg" alt="Listing Image 7" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13669. jpg" alt="Listing Image 8" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13670. jpg" alt="Listing Image 9" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13679. jpg" alt="Listing Image 10" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13690. jpg" alt="Listing Image 11" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13680. jpg" alt="Listing Image 12" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13681. jpg" alt="Listing Image 13" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13682. jpg" alt="Listing Image 14" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13683. jpg" alt="Listing Image 15" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13691. jpg" alt="Listing Image 16" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13685. jpg" alt="Listing Image 17" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13653. jpg" alt="Listing Image 18" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13643. jpg" alt="Listing Image 19" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13642. jpg" alt="Listing Image 20" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13644. jpg" alt="Listing Image 21" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13654. jpg" alt="Listing Image 22" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13655. jpg" alt="Listing Image 23" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13613. jpg" alt="Listing Image 24" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13614. jpg" alt="Listing Image 25" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13673. jpg" alt="Listing Image 26" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13674. jpg" alt="Listing Image 27" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13617. jpg" alt="Listing Image 28" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13621. jpg" alt="Listing Image 29" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13618. jpg" alt="Listing Image 30" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13619. jpg" alt="Listing Image 31" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13620. jpg" alt="Listing Image 32" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13671. jpg" alt="Listing Image 33" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13692. jpg" alt="Listing Image 34" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13633. jpg" alt="Listing Image 35" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13697. jpg" alt="Listing Image 36" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13694. jpg" alt="Listing Image 37" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13631. jpg" alt="Listing Image 38" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13696. jpg" alt="Listing Image 39" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13695. jpg" alt="Listing Image 40" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13641. jpg" alt="Listing Image 41" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13639. jpg" alt="Listing Image 42" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13640. jpg" alt="Listing Image 43" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13652. jpg" alt="Listing Image 44" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13661. jpg" alt="Listing Image 45" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13656. jpg" alt="Listing Image 46" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13660. jpg" alt="Listing Image 47" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13658. jpg" alt="Listing Image 48" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13659. jpg" alt="Listing Image 49" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13588. jpg" alt="Listing Image 50" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13589. jpg" alt="Listing Image 51" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13590. jpg" alt="Listing Image 52" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13591. jpg" alt="Listing Image 53" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/13587. jpg" alt="Listing Image 54" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/14132. jpg" alt="Listing Image 55" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/14133. jpg" alt="Listing Image 56" width="800" /> </li> <li> <img src="http://www. stlouiscarmuseum. com/listings/images/1141/14134. jpg" alt="Listing Image 57" width="800" /> </li> </ul> <div ></div> </div> </div>

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