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2001 Ford Excursion

Sale price: $US $9,100.00 make an offer

Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Ford
Model: Excursion
Year: 2001
Type: SUV
Color: Red
Mileage: 223,961
Engine: 7.3L 445Cu. In. V8 DIESEL OHV Turbocharged
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Diesel
Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Trim: XLT Sport Utility 4-Door
Interior Color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
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2001 Ford Excursion for sale

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2001 Ford Excursion Photo
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion
  • 2001 Ford Excursion

This is a California emissions truck. so it is legal in all states. born and raised in the deserts of Nevada (rust free).   Completely all OEM original. as in no aftermarket stuff added anywhere. I have owned this truck for three years now. and have not driven it much at all in the winter. and it is stored / parked in an indoor heated garage. at all times.   Before we get started. I will admit from the get go here. I am fussy to a fault. and that's just the way I am. This can be expensive. but it is a good thing for you the buyer. as you will learn as you read on.

This is simply a wonderful family vehicle.   I have shown some pictures of the inside rear area. to show how versatile the Excursion actually is.   The blanket and pillows are not meant to be a creepy thing. its just to show that not many vehicles can let the grandkids lay out flat in back. with six and a half feet of space. even with a gigantic Yeti cooler in the back for snacks.   Lot's of room.   I have had 9 family members in this thing. with all the luggage in back. and room to spare.   Simply wonderful.     

When I purchased the truck it had about 156. 00 miles. so I have put about 65. 00 miles on it. and no issues at all.   I purchased it from a reputable dealer in Nevada. but still. I had no real idea of the trucks background. other than it was (1) rust free. (2) 7. 3 Powerstroke. (3) nine passenger. (4) 4 X 4. and (5) all stock.    This was the combination our family was looking for. and to find these five items took about a year of searching.

So not really knowing what the previous owners background was for maintaining the Excursion. I went ahead with what I call a zero base.   Here is what that means:  If your up to speed with the 7. 3. you will know that this is an easy 500. 00 mile engine. with some going 800. 00 miles I have heard. and all the while being very reliable. However. to do that. you have to stay ahead of the maintenance  

Example: Everything that goes around the 7. 3 (belts. water pumps. alternators and so on) are still a concern as those things wont go as far as the 7. 3 itself.   So following Bill Huett from powerstrokehelp (google him if you wish). I have learned all about what the life expectancy is of all these non 7. 3 things. and simply have replaced them all. as new. This way. the truck and the 7. 3 are all ready to go from that day forward. with almost no worries.   I call this a zero base plan.

So replacements were not done for stuff that broke. it was done to get as close to new as possible. so nothing breaks when I have the family on the road.   Peace of mind is another way to put it.

So. the main issues. (and I am sure I can't remember everything). that were not broke. but I replaced for peace of mind. as recently as a few weeks ago. or 12 to 24 months ago. are as follows:

1.        All serpentine belt tensioners. and roller guides.

2.        The serpentine belt itself.

3.        Water Pump (about 18 months ago).

4.        Both radiator hoses

5.        CPS (Cam position sensor with a spare in the glove box).

6.        Both batteries. Motorcraft with warranty.

7.        Alternator

8.        All eight glow plugs

9.        Both valve cover gaskets (electronic)

10.    Flushed and replaced anti freeze (correctly with distilled water)

11.    Nitrate Motorcraft anti freeze additive ( prevents cavitation )

12.    Anti freeze reservoir bottle

13.     New Motorcraft anti freeze reservoir cap (google this.   Get new every 60. 00 miles )

14.    A/C re filled (ice cold)

15.     Change oil every 5. 00  miles (Rotella synthetic)

16.    Rotate  ( and balance ) tires with every oil change

17.    Bilstein shocks ( all three brand new ) up front last week

18.    Rear end seal overhaul. main seals (both)

19.    Flush rear end

20.    New Transmission from Ford. with 3 year warranty ( about 6 months ago). as everyone knows at about 200K its gone.

21.    All U joints

22.    Entire rear brake system replacement ( fluid lines. calipers. rotors. pads and so on)

23.    Front calipers. and pad replacement

24.    All four Tires are new (within 3. 00 miles) BF Goodrich All Terrain

25.    Wheels were put on the day I purchased three years ago

26.    EBPS (Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor) and tube and connectors

27.    I added new (longer) Nitrogen struts to the rear window.   This allows someone like me who is 6' 4” to stand under the window when opened. and wont bang you head when you go under the window.

28.    All three wiper blades replaced with BOSCH silicone ones.   No kidding. almost $90. 0

The mechanicals / Physical items worth mentioning:

1.        No blow by (zero)

2.        Not one drop of any fluid. from anywhere. on this Excursion. I can leave the truck parked for weeks. back it out. and not one drip can be found anywhere.

3.        At the 5. 00 Mile mark. the oil is still full. It uses no oil what so ever.

4.        I have used Archoil. fuel. and oil additive since I purchased.

5.        Zero sticksion

6.        All eight injectors checked just fine

7.        Without any exaggeration. at 65. no hills. no head or tail wind. no trailer. span >  I can get 19 to 20 MPG.   Go to 70. get some headwind. you will drop to 17 or 18.   Go 75 with a little headwind. plan on 15 or 16.

8.        I have not towed with the Excursion (rear two exhaust bolts are original and still just fine). so this 7. 3 has not been abused at all.




Appearance :

1.        I like a slightly lifted vehicle. but that comes with issues. as that can strain u joints and so on.   So I did a lift. without doing a lift. by illusion.   I took off the step rail to add the appearance of more ground clearance.   Then I added a 32 inch tire. that is very narrow. Because the tire is narrow. span >  the larger diameter tire does not rub in any condition. anywhere. which would normally require lifting.   The LT255 / 85 RC/ 16's are the only tire this large. and this narrow. that would let me do this. and only BFG makes a tire this size. and this rig has them.

2.        So with the step rails gone. the slightly larger diameter tires. the Excursion has a perfect raised stance look. without all the baggage of actually lifting it.   

3.        I upgraded the grill. and the headlights for a more modern look.

4.        It has a scratch or two for sure. but at 20 feet away. it looks new. I pointed out one in the pics. Reflection on two rear doors. not scratches.

5.        Under the Excursion. and you can see in some pictures. I added some POR-15 in the critical area where the step rails used to be. to seal any exposed metal areas up.   POR-15 is used by the Navy to eliminate. and stop any future rust. $10. 00 only buys you 4 ounces of this stuff.  

6.        POR 15 is the only company that had its own product 3rd party lab tested against everyone else. and it beats any rust preventative paint on the market. hands down. via the 3rd party lab testing.

7.        I bought the 7. 3 powerstroke ( Excursion version ) badges for the two front doors. for a bit more modern look. span >  but can be removed easy if you don't like them.

8.        This Excursion turns heads wherever I go.   It is absolutely beautiful.


Unknown Issues:

1.        I have a friend. who had one of these 7. 3 Excursions for hauling. He hauled with it. up to 650. 00 miles. and then sold it. Still running perfectly.

2.        He told me. that he replaced the turbo at 300. 0 and again at 600. 0  not because the Turbo went bad. but just because he thought he should.   This turbo has not been touched by me. but works perfectly.

3.        I got a code last month for low exhaust pressure. or sensor. on the exhaust somewhere.   I did put in a new exhaust back pressure sensor a while ago.   I did a few Googles and the consensus was. if the truck shows no sign of symptoms. and it has a newly installed EBPS. and because this is not a critical issue. to simply clear the code and see if it comes back.   It seems sometimes the Algorithms can align and pop this code with a newly installed EBPS I guess.   So I cleared it. and so far everything is the same. and just fine.

4.        The DVD player. is a stacker.   In that it can load 6 CD's at once.   A few times. it wont play the next CD and I have had to tap the CD player. then its fine.   I don't listen to music much. so I have not used it in a while.

Fun Stuff:

1.        You will notice the step on the hitch.   This makes it very easy to jump in and out of the back for kids.   Its about $350. 00 new. and comes with the truck.   Comes off in 3 minutes. Good for pets also.

2.        I have a EDGE EVO HT tuner. hand held unit.   I bought it to recalibrate for the larger tires. but you can tune up. down and sideways with this thing if your planning on pulling a bunch of stuff. or just want better MPG.

3.        I also have two (never used) front wheel caps. that allow access to the 4X4 hub's. The ones on it now. don't allow easy access to these locking hubs. but I don't use the 4X4 anyway. These are included with the sale.

In Summary:

As you can see. this is my baby.   You can get in this Excursion. and simply go.   As of today. I cant think of one thing it needs actually.   If you go purchase a new $80. 00 suburban. will this Excursion run with it year on year?  Yes it will.   Will it be a bit higher on maintenance ?  Yes it will. but the Excursion wont cost you $80K either.  


Will it out pull the new Suburban…. yes.   Is it possible it will outlast the new Suburban if taken care of? My vote is yes.   Does it have all the fancy computers and stuff. and make you feel like your in a BMW ? Of course not. but that's the hidden beauty.   Tougher. stronger. better. does not always need to feel like a BMW. or require spending $80K.


I am selling it simply because we have (had) lots of kids. and grandkids and so on. but they are all gone now. so it really just sits.


Its time for someone else to enjoy this truck. and we hope we find not just a buyer. but a buyer that appreciates what we have created here. and hopefully keeps the theme we have running with our Excursion. going for years and years.

Happy Bidding







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