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Renault 4CV
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Renault 4CV

Model Renault 4CV - compact car the French company Renault, designed in the period of war. However, due to the then of the order of the German invaders to engage in purely military equipment, the company's engineers were forced to keep the appearance of the model of economical vehicle "for all" carefully. Renault 4CV went on sale only in August 1947.

As in the period of the "extra" horsepower of the vehicle to pay taxes, the model name of the 4CV looks very symbolic. The French abbreviation has the value "4 horse power" - exactly so much from being on the moment of taxes for all, who acquired the machine.

All Renault 4CV was manufactured in two body styles: a 4-door sedan and a 4-door convertible. Renault 4CV - a car with rear-wheel drive and the engine, located in the rear part of the vehicle body. Initially, the model was produced with the engine at 760, but in 1950 it was replaced by the engine 747 ml capacity in 17 horsepower. During the period from 1941 to 1961 was released more than a million cars Renault 4CV, which was an absolute record of the time!

Other names of this model: Hino 4CV, Renault 4/4, Renault 760, Renault 750, Renault 4CV R 1062 Sport

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from sam, dated 04 november 2015
In the early sixties I drove a couple of these back in high school. I am not too sure of the year, but I think they were 61's for 62's that my parents bought. The first one I T-boned a 1957 Lincoln,car totaled I survived, the second one served me well thru my junior and senior year in high school and my stint in the Navy. Drove it back and fourth from Chicago to DC a couple of times and spent one winter in Illinois and had no trouble with the snow. I thought it was a great little car that I drove hard and over a five or six year period the only problem was having to replace the contacts in the generator which I did myself. The best part was that one could start the engine by using the end of the lug wrench that fit into the drive pulley on the engine to hand crank it if your battery went dead or just to impress the car geeks. Most fun car I have ever had.

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