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McLaren F1
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McLaren F1

Each made machine McLaren F1 was unprofitable because of extremely careful project of the group of creators of the F1, who worked in the UK, and too much attention paid to every detail. It was released only 100 cars and they went to the specialists, collectors around the world. Optional standard kit includes a complete set of tools (the height of the box was 1.8 m), engine compartment is separated covered with gold plates, made by the order of the trunk and complete diagnostics of the engine McLaren in any place in the world. Model F1 collected from carbon composite materials with cellular transverse rods, thus ensuring the exceptional strength of the structure. Car required all possible reliability with a capacity, which allowed to get up to speed 241 km/h in just 12 seconds. The car was srednemotornym, such arrangement of the engine was considered ideal, and a car is easy to control. When the model has appeared in the sale, the cost about 1130000 dollars. It was the most expensive racing car of all, to buy her a new one.

Maximum speed:

370 km/h

0-95 km/h:

3,2 sec.

engine Type:

V-shaped 12-cylinder

the working volume of the engine:

6064 cm3


manual 6-speed

the Maximum power:

468 kW at 7300 rpm

the Maximum torque:

649 Nm at 4000 rpm


1020 kg


4,4 km/l

Other names of this model: McLaren F1 LM, McLaren F1 GT

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