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AEC Regent
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AEC Regent

AEC Regent is an ancestor of the classic London double-Decker bus, known as "dabldeker". The first series of two-storey Regents appeared on the streets of London in 1929. These big red buses immediately won the love and popularity among the inhabitants of the British capital for many years.

AEC Regent II - the second series of dabldekerov, the production of which began immediately after the end of the Second World war in 1945. For two years, was built about 700 such buses. Up to our days survived a total of 9 pieces.

The rapid development of the post-war England has caused unprecedented growth of passenger traffic in the capital and its suburbs. Therefore, in 1950, the production starts already the third one in the series - the AEC Regent III (also known as Regent 3 and Regent Mark III). Instead of the emerging'll classic London Rutmasterom - AEC Routemaster, tin Regents were very popular with Londoners and visitors of the capital.

Until recently, in the countries of the Europe and the USA are AEC Regent III played the role of "classical dabldekera". This is due to its height of only 4 meters, on 30 see below than Routemaster. Because of strict limitations on the height of vehicles operation of Rutmasterov in the United States and many European countries had been banned for export and were exactly the Regents. At the moment the situation has changed radically and is on sale now in many countries, it is possible to find inexpensive AEC Regent, much cheaper Rutmasterov!

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