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Classic Car Scams & Fraud on the Internet

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Nine pieces of advice you should know in order not to be a victim of an online fraud with classic car sales. If the deal is so perfect that you are ready to make your decision on the spot – stop! A typical situation of a fraud may take place in which you will be deceived by illegitimate seller. The cars which are proposed at low prices may not even exist or belong to him. Fraudsters will do everything to cheat on you and take your money, so watch out!

Top 9 Tips to avoid Scam

  1. Think twice before you start any operations with money. Always be on the alert, especially if the purchase seems to be a bargain, doesn't matter what you buy and who is the seller. Find out the legal home address and verify the identity of the seller to get rid of a potential fraudsters and any third parties. They usually work through email and when you call them you are lucky that their phone is working, but they are always pretending to be busy and they hang the phone with false promises to call you back under any preposition.
  2. A fraudster wants to mislead you and to make you believe that they have the vehicle you want to buy.
    A lof of them are law offenders engaged in all sorts of crimes. If you ask them anything about the vehicle they have all the answers even with a history. This is their persuasive power, so be careful.
  3. Insist on cashing out at the local bank to protect your money and to pay without difficulties. Be beware of bankers drafts and suspicious cheques, as you can refuse them. Any excuses from the side of a seller about the bank are suspicious so do not continue to deal with him. Do not pay any third party for shipping costs or anything else unless they sent you a copy of a passport, driving license or utility bill. The more documents you have the better for you.
  4. If you see an email address with a lot of random characters or numbers – that must be a fraudster because that emails are easy to get. Do not believe to anyone like, or
  5. You must obtain the vehicle registration details. Always ask for a vehicle data check and vehicle history to make sure that the car is not theft. The internet comes handy in this situation.
  6. Ask the seller to take some pictures of the vehicle in details and high quality and to send them to you. Scrutinize the picture to make sure that it is not edited in any way and it is real. Pay attention to the season, the weather, road signs to make sure that the owner of the car is the seller. A good way to check - ask for photos of the car with today's release of papers on the hood.
  7. Remember that you are not obliged to buy this car, even if the seller hurries you up. Always think before acting, as other potential buyers may also be scammers, and they only make you pay much more for the car in an act of competition.
  8. The best way is to deal with the major classic car dealer as most of the time the trustworthy business reputation speaks for itself and you won't have to worry about the honesty of the seller who may not speak about some important disadvantages just to get rid of the car. If you doubt about anything, feel free to go away and search for another variants.
  9. Our Car-from-UK service does not include personal sell, any financial arrangements or transfer of funds. Storage, shipping and delivery are not arranged also. The advert text box does not include an email address or phone number or any attached photos. Any fraudsters possibilities are excluded from our service but be cautious when opening links on the website to prevent yourself from any possible danger. Beware of sham websites, our domain name is the only one -

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