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Jaguar: E-Type Series 1 OTS XK-E Roadster

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Seller's notes: WILL SHIP WORLD WIDE !
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Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
Year: 1962
Type: Roadster
Color: Red
Mileage: 97,255
Engine: 3.8 litre
Transmission: 4 Speed
Trim: Roadster
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Jaguar: E-Type Series 1 OTS XK-E Roadster for sale

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Jaguar: E-Type Series 1 OTS XK-E Roadster Photo
  • Jaguar: E-Type Series 1 OTS XK-E Roadster

This auction is for one of the most iconic cars of the automotive world. a 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 OTS (Open Two Seater). or as more commonly known in North America. the XK-E Roadster.

While much praise and adoration can be bestowed upon the early E-Type for its styling and high performance. it can be summed in 3 notable statements.

Upon its introduction. Enzo Ferrari called it “The most beautiful car ever made”.
In 2004. Sports Car International magazine ranked it as Number One on their list of ‘Top Sports Cars of the 1960s'.
In 2008. The Daily Telegraph ranked it 1st on their list of ‘The Most Beautiful Cars of All Time'.

The car bears its original data tag and VIN/Chassis number is 877755. built in Coverntry. England on July 13. 1962. making it a post mid-year car with the dropped floor pans.
It was dispatched on August 7. 1962. to Jaguar Cars of New York. and originally sold to B. J. Durante. believed to be in California.
We suspect California DMV registered the car as a 1963 and added the J63 prefix to the chassis number. which is how the car is presently registered in Alberta. However. the J63 prefix does not appear anywhere on the car. or in any Jaguar records or documents that we have seen or are aware of.

Official Jaguar Heritage Certificate was issued on August 30. 2016.

It has been in the possession of its current owner for the last 26 years. since Sept. of 1990. when acquired with 90. 78 original miles.
Current odometer reading is 97. 55 original miles.
It remains true to original and unmodified with a correct 3. 8L engine and its correct corresponding drivetrain components. with the exception of having had Pertronix ignition installed.

It never suffered the ravages of winter. salted roads. or rust issues. and retains all its original body and sheet metal panels.
Professional mechanical and cosmetic work was done between 1993 and 1996. and all receipts retained. along with a detailed list of all parts that have gone into it.
Only quality parts and components were used. primarily sourced from England and XK's Unlimited of San Luis Obispo in California.
Much of the work is also photo documented.

The car is very presentable and has proven its roadworthiness over the last 20 years since completion. It still retains excellent curb appeal. performance. and handling characteristics.

Having been restored over 20 years ago. it was not treated to an ‘over-the-top' level of underside restoration commonly seen today. resulting in trailer queens whose owners are fearful to expose to the roads for which they were built.
This is a reliable car that can be. and is driven. and is being reasonably offered for the first time by this owner.

This original Carmen Red roadster is an absolute head turner where ever it purrs.
This listing provides many more details as you scroll thru. At the bottom of this listing you will find a link to a short video where you can see and hear the engine started and running. followed by a link to a photo album of over 200 pics.

The original 3. 8L engine (R3814-9) was in the car when the owner bought it and he ran with it for 3 years.
At time of restoration (1993-96). the shop (British Motor Group Ltd. of Edmonton) had another 3. 8L available and suggested the years and miles that the owner would use the car would eventually wear the engine. So why not set aside and save the original block for posterity and future installation. and for now rebuild and install this other engine and subject it to the wear and tear of use. This seemed a reasonable proposition and was the course taken.

All other components on the car are the originals. and the original block and heads are in fine rebuildable condition and remain in his possession in the corner of the garage and will go with the car. So if and when the new owner chooses the car can once again be rendered numbers matching. further enhancing its value.

The 3. 8L inline 6 engine under the hood therefore received a professional and comprehensive rebuild and all new parts installed are documented.
The engine starts easily. is smooth and strong running. and sounds very good with no unusual noises or smoke. It has plenty of life left in it having only seen approx. 6. 00 miles over the last 20 years.

The engine compartment is extremely clean. tidy. and nicely detailed.
Cam covers. carb pots. timing cover. and water pipes were all polished.
New cylinder head chrome hardware kit. and battery tray.
Apart from an upgrade to Pertronix electronic ignition. all appears to be as correct equipment and in good operable condition. right down to the original generator.

The triple SU carbs were rebuilt 4 years ago due to one having a leaking gasket from lack of use.
Radiator recored. new mounts. fan motors rebuilt. A toggle switch left of the stereo is used to kick the fan on early on really hot days if idling at a red light. The car does not overheat. it's just the owners preference to keep it running cooler.
Starter. generator. tach. all rebuilt. New Super ignition coil.
Exhaust manifolds done in black chrome.
New air cleaner assembly and snorkel.
In short. too much to list!

The original gearbox. clutch. and rear differential assembly were also professionally and fully rebuilt by British Motor Group.
The gearbox shifts as it should. the clutch displays no slippage or chatter.
New speedo cable and shifter bushings.
The rear diff similarly is without unusual noises.
The undersides of the engine. gearbox and rear end are quite dry and show no evidence of any notable leaks.

The all original steel undercarriage is absolutely solid. The sub-frames. tub and floor pans. and rear suspension mounting points have never seen rot or rust out.
This was a solid and basically rust free car prior to its restoration in the mid 90's. At that time restoration standards and expectations were not what they are today. Immaculate undercarriages shining as nice as top sides were not the norm. and many shops did not own rotisseries. Mechanical concerns were more to do with good internals and proper performance than pretty cosmetics.

The undercoat application served to provide a fresh uniform finish. and protect underside sheet metal. not to hide rust issues or inferior welding or patches.

An obvious item not considered important enough to rectify back then was the large dent in the driver side floor pan. Evidently someone's inexperience or lack of forethought before throwing a jack under the car. Of course. back then. who bothered to look under a car?
The damage is such that it could be repaired without the need to replace the pan.

The undercarriage merely displays the road dust and dirt of its miles since restoration. All appears as original equipment.

All mechanical aspects of this car were addressed by British car professionals. no components or parts were overlooked.
NOS Jaguar or quality aftermarket parts were exclusively used in the restoration of all mechanical components and systems.

The chassis number stamping on the right front frame rail matches the ID plate.

Suspension and steering systems all restored including new ball joints. tie rod ends. all rubber bushings. rack mounts. stabilizer bushings and links. wishbone bushings. front shocks. wheel bearings and seals. rear coil over shocks. stone shields. etc.
The brake system is in good order. Master and all slave cylinders resleeved. new bellows and hoses.

Complete new stainless steel double wall dual exhaust system is in very good condition with complete new mounting kit and heat shielding.

The owner thought he had a leaking gas tank. purchased a new one. turned out the overflow had come disconnected. causing paint damage. The tank was fine. new one never installed. will go with the car. a $700. US value.

The running tires are a matched set of P205/65R14 Michelin XH4 radials with tubes and very good tread remaining. They are mounted on 4 new Dunlop wire wheels in excellent condition with new knock offs. Includes a new Thor Knock Off hammer.

There is no evidence of any prior body or collision damage anywhere on the car.
All indications are that this is a very solid and honest car that has never been abused or suffered the ravages of winters and salt.

The original color of the car was Carmen Red. A previous owner had it repainted British Racing Green. which was the color when the present owner purchased it in 1990.
During the subsequent restoration he had it put back to red. done in a Glasurit base/clear finish.
Paint work was performed by Eurasia Auto Ltd. in Edmonton. in April of '95. Very little body work was required.
The body and all sheet metal are quite straight.
New bonnet bushings. hardware kit. and safety catch installed.
Fit and gaps on all panels is typical of factory assembly. not to today's high end restoration standards. Both doors could use adjustment as they sit slightly proud at the lower rear corners.

The paint is excellent. retains a beautiful luster. and has not suffered any significant scratches. chips or dings.

Very few blemishes can be noted. a couple very minor and very shallow soft waves on the hood. barely noticeable. and then only from a certain angle if you're really looking for them. They do not show up in any photo trying to show them.
A few very light sanding scratches near the hood louvers. again. found only under close scrutiny by a trained seeking eye. These can be wet sanded and polished out.

The trunk pan is totally solid and original. only one small surface patch is visible underneath. near the forward edge right side.
Fuel had leaked into the trunk as a result of a disconnected overflow hose and had gone undetected for a period of time. This caused some blistering and lifting of the paint inside the trunk. as well as having found its way to the exterior of the rear pan as shown.

Furthermore. during the restoration the owner had a period between jobs. and when asked by the shop to what extent they should concern themselves with the underside of the rear pan the reply was not overly. As such the presentation of that area is as you see it.
This is the one area of the body and paint that could warrant an easy redo and tidying up to improve its presentation. if it bothered you. But bear in mind it's way forward under the rear pan and only seen if you get right down low to look under the car.
Other than that only a couple of minor paint runs and a small blister are noted right of the rear license plate.

No such issues appear anywhere under the front bonnet nose. along either of the rockers. or on the lower outer quarters.
Considering the years since work was completed. the absence of any significant rust issues or failing body work is testimonial to the condition of the car prior to restoration. since any such issues would have surfaced and become evident by now.
Overall this is a very solid car with all original body panels.

All wiring is in good condition and all electrical items are in working order except for the clock.
The car retains its positive ground 12 volt system.
New tach generator installed.
New main and dash wiring harnesses from UK were installed along with new tie downs and decals. Tail light harness is the original.
Stock gauges and instruments are all very nice and in good order.
New toggle switch ends.
Wiper motor and fan motors rebuilt.
New windshield washer pump. along with bottle. bracket. and jets.
New radio console. with an aftermarket Craig am/fm cassette player.

All lights and signals are in working order. New reverse lamps installed.
All lenses are in good condition and a spare set of glass headlamp lenses is included.

Numerous new interior parts were installed. starting with new sound deadening. floor pan plugs. and rubber grommets throughout.
New interior Hardura kit installed.
The original seats were redone in 1995 and remain in very nice condition. with new lap belts.
New door panels. carpet set. pedal pads. Jaguar logo floor mats. speaker grills and ashtray with Jag motif. 3 pc. under dash set. etc…

New dash pad remains very nice with no cracks.
New stainless steel heater transfer pipes were installed under dash.
Gear shift and hand brake levers were rechromed. new chrome trim around base. new leather and rubber shift boots.
A new aluminum console set was installed. the lower panel has since suffered a few small dents. but being aluminum they could be smoothed out.

Nice woodgrain steering wheel with no flaws sporting an original center badge.

New windscreen installed in '95 is still in good condition. however. the owner has the original windscreen in nice condition and it will go with the car.
Complete new rubber kit installed includes weather-strips and seals throughout.
New trunk mat and side panels are very good.

The top is in very good condition and was put up for these pics. Otherwise the owner has rarely had it up. Boot in good condition.

Detailing features included new lube ID plate. Made in England plate. and various new decals.
All brightwork on the car remains in very good to excellent condition with all chrome having been redone by All Brite of Edmonton in ‘95.
Bumpers. guards. and lamp surrounds are all really nicely chromed.

New chrome center top latch and convertible top pivot bolts.
New beltline bright trim at rear of top.
New badge in front motif bar.
Nice side mirrors.

Included also is a 2. 5” thick binder full of car history. all receipts for parts and services dating back to 1990. correspondence. assorted information. and photos of various work performed. There is also a new owner's manual and factory parts manual for the 3. 8L.

There are no hidden secrets or horrors with this car.
The list of new parts is extensive. pages long. too much to list here.
The reality that he has enjoyed minimal use of the car over recent years (350 miles in the last year) have led the owner to decide to now pass it along to its next caretaker.

I have personally known the owner for a number of years. he is very meticulous. I also had the privilege of driving this car a while ago. and with a smile on my face at 115 mph. I asked him how fast he'd had it up to. He said he'd never had it over 100. a funny moment for sure. It was a highlight of my life to drive one of these pure Jags.

If you have been watching the E-Type Series 1 market you will have seen what is happening.
Prices approaching $50K being offered and paid for rust bucket or basket case projects that border on unrestorable. and will take years and easily surpass 6 figures in restoration costs.
Coupes suddenly commanding $50K if only in reasonable driver condition.
Any reasonably nice roadster seeking in excess of $100K. with top shelf examples starting at $150K and exceeding $200K+.

So let your objective and budget guide your decision.
Spend years dreaming while you dish out big bucks over time.
Enjoy looking at and showing off your impeccable queen in the garage.
Or get out next weekend and enjoy the top down thrill of driving one of the sexiest sports cars of all time. without mortgaging your home.

This road ready E-Type is being offered with a reasonable five figure reserve. well below its appraised six figure value and the price of lesser comparables.
The minor improvements you may choose to perform over time will increase its market value well beyond the cost they may incur.

Please view the following brief video if you'd like to hear the engine start and running.


This E-Type Jaguar is being listed on behalf of the owner. Please email ‘carsgoneby@telus. net' or phone Rick at (403)534-2222 for additional honest and accurate information from a professional auto restorer. All information listed has been gathered from discussions with the owner and visual inspection. Over 200 pics are available for viewing at www. carsgoneby. com/PhotoAlbumsPro/1962XKE . Additional specific pictures are available upon request. No warranties expressed or implied. Successful bidder to make a minimum payment of 50% of closing bid amount (US funds) within 5 days of auction closing. with the balance payable upon vehicle pick up within 21 days (international) or 14 days (US/Canada).
Payment must be in certifiable form such as cash or wire transfer. Other forms of payment only acceptable with time allowance for instrument to clear bank prior to vehicle being released. Any deviation from. or changes to the preceding terms must be reasonable. and should be requested. discussed. and agreed to prior to bidding and auction closing.


Please submit all inquiries prior to bidding. and please only bid if you are able and willing to conclude the transaction should you be the winning bidder.
This vehicle is being sold with a clear Alberta vehicle registration (title) document and bill of sale.
The car is located in Leduc. Alberta. Canada. about 6 hours north of the Montana border.

Due to its foreign manufacture (Britain). there ‘may' be a 2. 5% duty applicable to US Customs to ship the vehicle from Canada into the US. We may be able to get an exemption due to the fact that the car was initially brought into the US to Jaguar Cars New York and we believe initially registered in California. and that duties would have been paid at that time. But until we can confirm this and what supporting documentation must be provided to US Customs we must advise that the possibility exists that the duties will be applicable.
An addendum will be added to the auction once confirmation is resolved.

Please be aware of your shipping costs before bidding. quotes can be provided upon request if necessary. We can help make this a smooth. hassle free experience by arranging all-inclusive international transportation and brokerage for you. References relating to similar transactions are available. Cars Gone By has sold and shipped numerous collector vehicles to the USA and worldwide. the majority through Ebay transactions.
Please do not ask us to disclose the reserve price. In fairness to all bidders we will not do so and request that you simply place a bid that is comfortable for you.
Thanks for looking!

On Sep-28-16 at 12:11:34 PDT. seller added the following information:

Update on Duty Exemption:  

We have spoken to US Customs. they suggested we contact Port of Entry in New York. owner is following up on that. We have also contacted Jaguar Heritage. California DMV. and my customs broker and are still waiting for replies with info.

Please be advised that after letting his multiple bids stand for several days the high bidder who met our reserve cancelled his bid without a single inquiry on the car or shipping. and posted his reason as 'entered wrong amount'.     Highly unlikely given multiple bids to reach reserve. possibly a maneuver to simply uncover reserve.

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